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Personal Trainings Prices

There are lots of discounts for our Bootcamp Training.


Regular training sessions, at least 1x per week - This is important! Therefore you won't find any single training sessions to book on our website!

Prices for monthly prepayment 
(minimum of 4 training sessions / month):

Training sessions 60 minutes: € 120,-
Training sessions 90 minutes: € 180,-
Training session 120 minutes: € 220,-

Book 10 training session:
à 60 minutes and get 11: € 1,200.00
à 90 minuts and get 11: € 1,800.00
à 120 minutes and get 11: € 2,200.00

The prices are also valid for Skype trainings. 

Partner training:
Bring along your (training) partner and he or she will get a 50% discount. 

Initial meeting:
Non-committal and free but required service. Prior to our first training we identify your goals and what your training plan should look like based on your anamnesis and possible health issues. We can also check whether the chemistry is right. 

Additional costs:
As a mobile Bootcamp Trainer I am more than happy to come to a place of your choice (Fitness center, park, at your place, office, ...) 

For training locations outside of the 21st and 22nd district I will charge travel costs: 

  • in Vienna a maximum of € 50 per training session 
  • based on the region - outside of Vienna
  • fitness center, room rental, ... rental costs for equipment

All prices inclusive of 20% VAT.

Other offers:

You will find other offers in our training packages such as "Change your Body" & "Burn your fat". 

Your first step towards your own training session:

Arrange your first appointment with us!

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