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Training for active self-defence

for 1 to 2 persons (possible for children from 10 years – accompanied by a parent)

Training for active self-defence, Vienna Training for active self-defence in Vienna

Picture: Freeing and defence techniques

Self-defence from A-Z

When it comes to threats against life and limb, anything to hand is allowed! Keys, pepper spray, lipstick - all objects (including glasses, ashtrays, bottles, high heels, ... just about anything) in the vicinity can be used to defend yourself! This course will help you recognise and assess dangerous situations, including the attacker and the immediate environment. Self-defence, emergency assistance, defence and impact techniques, and fast escape from direct attack are all covered, as are freeing techniques, striking techniques as well as techniques when overwhelmed or pinned to the ground.
Course units: 1-2 times per week, each 60 minutes.

Individual appointments according to availability.

The course for active self-defence can also be booked for individual groups.

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A free and non-binding meeting covering personal history, discussion of health questions and your personal goals. Duration: approx. 60 minutes.

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